I was a PhD student in Stochastic Processes at INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt, under the supervision of Philippe Robert and Thomas Bonald. I work now at ANSSI. My thesis can be downloaded here and the slides of my defense are available here. I received the Gilles Kahn Award for my PhD thesis.

Research interests

Congestion control, power allocation, network modeling, stochastic processes.


The list of my publications is available here. Some of them are available on Arxiv.


  • Congrès de la SIF 2012, Sophia-Antipolis, 02/07/2012, Allocation de bande passante dans les grands réseaux stochastiques, Slides (in French).
  • YEQT V, Eindhoven, 24/10/2011, The time scales of a stochastic network with failures, Slides.
  • CISS 2011, Baltimore, 03/24/2011, On flow-aware CSMA in Multi-Channel Wireless Networks, Slides.
  • Performance 2010, Namur, 11/19/2010, On flow-aware CSMA, Slides.
  • YEQT III, Eindhoven, 11/20/2009, Modeling Networks under the Law of the Jungle, Slides.


I am a teaching assistant at Télécom ParisTech for the course Traffic, queueing and networks given by Thomas Bonald. A book based on the course has been published both in French and English. Some tools associated to this book can be found here.

Contact information